The Fire ANT Rod


The Fire ANT Rod

The Fire ANT Rod truly is a thing of beauty. The culmination of two years worth of research and development. What we set out to do was to create products that we and our friends would LOVE to fish with. That was our mantra–create greatness.

We worked tirelessly to find the best technologies available. By leveraging a helix core high modulus carbon. We can provide a lighter product and a transfer of energy unlike any other. The performance of the rod is highlighted by technology that dampens vibration — which allows for the transfer of more focused energy, quicker. Thus, providing the ability to cast farther without putting as much force into the cast. The end result is more response, more distance, more precision, and more strength. Think of it as the optimum casting experience.

One thing that we continue to hear over and over again is how broad the sweet spot is, and how apparent the load is. Another beautiful by-product of the space-age carbon is that it can throw a fly line farther than any 5-weight I have ever thrown, bar-none. Thus, this rod — especially for a 5-weight — makes it uniquely qualified to throw the big fly.

Give it a try while Series 1 quantities last.


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